Mail Arigato!


Deliver the letters to the right mailboxes


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Mail Arigato! is a 2D platformer where you play a papergirl who has to deliver letters to an entire community.

Players have to gather many letters and bike around a peculiar neighborhood, delivering them to the corresponding addressee. An arrow will help you figure out which letter goes in which mailbox, although you can switch between the letters to be delivered to speed up your work.

Some of the mailboxes are located in ‘floating’ areas of the neighborhood. To get to them, you need to use the jumpers scattered all over town, which let you fly for a few seconds if you combine them with the turbos that are also scattered over the road.

Mail Arigato! is 2D platformer with lovely graphics and an even lovelier main character. Its gameplay, although simple, won’t fail to entertain you for a fair amount of time as you deliver all the letters.
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